VIDEO: What Should I Eat?

Our fall Patient Education Conference welcomed Registered Dietician Beth Doerfler. She answered your nutrition questions as they related to scleroderma, such as:

– Someone who I know that had scleroderma said that she is feeling much better on gluten free diet. Is there any scientific basis to it?
– Besides sugar, white carbs and saturated fats, what are foods to avoid and reduce inflammation?
– What supplements help gain energy? What are the best juices to fight inflammation? How does dairy effect digestive tract?
– What are the benefits of vegan and gluten free diet? What are the implications of low iron ferritin level?
– Why my child is not gaining weight even if she eats whatever she wants?
– What is the best way to obtain calcium if you are lactose intolerant?
– What is the best way for someone with scleroderma to lose weight?
– What are anti-inflammatory foods?

Beth Doerfler is also currently contributing to our blog series dedicated to managing nutrition and wellness with scleroderma. Check out her most recent blog post here!

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Bethany Doerfler MS, RD, LDN
Northwestern Medicine

Presented at the Scleroderma Patient Education Conference, Saturday, October 15, 2016. Hosted by the Scleroderma Foundation, Greater Chicago Chapter and the Northwestern Scleroderma Program.