VIDEO: Scleroderma and Stimulating Immune System Response

This past October, the Scleroderma Foundation Greater Chicago Chapter was pleased to welcome Dr. Jaehyuk Choi to Northwestern for our Patient Education Conference. Dr. Choi’s background includes both medical and post doctoral study at Yale University, and he is now an assistant professor at Northwestern University in dermatology, biochemistry, and molecular genetics.
Photopheresis is recommended by medical professionals in order to treat patients with immune system disorders by stimulating immune reactions. The process is simplified to collecting white blood cells and exposing them to a photosensitizer and ultraviolet radiation, resulting in an altered function to stimulate immune response that will fight the development of immune diseases like scleroderma.
His presentation on Extracorporeal Photopheresis includes a brief overview of Scleroderma Pathophysiology and Photopheresis, and continues to delve into clinical studies, the ideal patients for these treatments, and how Photopheresis works in scleroderma and other diseases.
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 Dr. Jaehyuk Choi
Assistant Professor
Department of Dermatology
Director, Extracorporeal Photopheresis Unit
Northwestern University

Presented at the Scleroderma Patient Education Conference, Saturday, October 15, 2016. Hosted by the Scleroderma Foundation, Greater Chicago Chapter and the Northwestern Scleroderma Program.