A Message of Hope by Ammie L. Peters

Being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder at the age of 24, I faced more than most will face in an entire lifetime. I stared death in the face multiple times. It seemed every time I went to the doctor another diagnosis would be given. How could this many rare things be falling under an umbrella I was holding? And what does it all mean, could this really be as good as it gets? I was scared but my Heart would not let me give up hope. No matter what the diagnosis or news the doctor shared behind the closed door of that patient room, I held on knowing there was a plan for me. I wasn’t giving up hope, there was a reason I was facing all that I was facing … I had to believe.

I continued to fight through the disease, to keep smiling and have hope in my Heart despite failing every treatment. But there came a time when I hit the breaking point. I didn’t have the energy to fight anymore. I was done. I surrendered with peace in my Heart and had to do one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I had to sit my little boy down and tell him his Mommy was at peace if God came to bring me Home to Heaven. With tears in my eyes and hugging him so tight, I told him not to worry and to know it is okay.

I then had a dream and in the dream an Angel of Healing was sent to me. She had dark hair. She was petite and spoke with a thick accent. When I woke up from my dream, I knew within my Heart I had to hold onto hope. I shared the details of my dream with my father. I knew that I couldn’t give up, there WAS a plan! Approximately a month later, I found myself in the hospital. I had the most excruciating pain in my arms and legs. It felt as if my muscles were being torn right off of my bones. I was surrounded by a team of well respected, experienced specialists but none held the answers to the treatment needed for me. The doctors had not seen the combination of things going on with me. I had failed every treatment and yet again there was nothing more that could be done for me, well according to any medical book.

As I lay in the hospital bed with pain so strong that tears rolled down the sides of my face from the pain, I held onto hope. Although the odds were against me and pulling through looked to be impossible, I knew I could not give up! About that time there was a rustling of papers outside of my hospital room. I looked up to see a petite woman with dark hair walk into my room. She had the presence of an Angel and began to speak in a thick accent. Tears filled my eyes and chills ran through me. She is the Angel from my dream. She introduced herself as Dr. Nadera Sweiss. With tear filled eyes I said “You’re the Angel sent to heal me.” She smiled and hope filled that room with more Light than the brightest sunny day. I asked her where she was from, she replied “Jordan.” She is from the Holy land of all places!

Dr. Sweiss brought treatments to me that no other doctor had brought. The treatments didn’t make sense based on any medical studies but was the perfect combination for me. I was given my life back and being given the opportunity to bring hope to others.

Please know that if you are reading this, there is no coincidence. And no matter what you are facing whether it is a diagnosis of Scleroderma, cancer, lupus or a mix of rare auto-immune conditions that fall under an umbrella not yet given a name … I want you to hold onto hope and know there is a plan for you. You’re still here for a reason. You too have your own story that will impact Hearts around you. You are meant to make a difference in this world so hold onto hope!

With Much Love,

Ammie L. Peters

Ammie L. Peters is a Life Coach, an inspirational author and speaker whose passion is to touch each and every heart with Love, Hope and Inspiration. You can visit her website at http://www.blessings2good.com.

Ammie was also a speaker at the Scleroderma Foundation, Greater Chicago Chapter’s Patient Education Conference on March 15, 2014. Visit our YouTube channel to view Ammie’s inspirational presentation, “The Impact of Positive Attitude in Dealing with Chronic Disease.”




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